Age and CrossFit

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In a nutshell- CrossFit does not discriminate against age. In fact, the CrossFit Games has a Masters division for the serious competitors over the age of 50 and many boxes have CrossFit Kids programs. For those of us who simply want to live a healthier lifestyle and make sure we are not in need of a hip replacement before we even hit retirement, we can join the positive world of CrossFit and work out with a supportive community to get better, faster, stronger. The concept of working out with others may be intimidating at first, and a simple article might not change your mind. However, I am certain that as soon as you walk through the doors of any box (gym) and meet your new CrossFit family, you will feel at ease and you will understand that our community is not only competitive and hardworking, but also warm and welcoming.

One important principle: the workouts are infinitely scalable. Can’t do a push-up? Start by doing them on your knees. Have an injury? The workouts can be scaled to avoid that part of your body. Can’t use much weight at first? Don’t. There is no excuse to avoid working out. In fact, through my journey with CrossFit I have seen young kids, the elderly, the sick, the injured, and the elite- all able to work out together and love every minute of it. In this type of environment there is immeasurable amount of respect and inspiration. A first pull up becomes a moment of celebration… and somebody’s first 50 unbroken pull ups are equally celebrated. Age will never be a factor.

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